01. The pattern on the wallpaper in the kids' room is of a tropical jungle with [exotic] birds, plants and animals.
02. Our green tea has an [exotic], refreshing, fragrant flavor.
03. Native plants are disappearing as a result of the introduction of [exotic] plants which are taking over.
04. There are a number of restrictions in place on the importation of [exotic] fruits and vegetables.
05. Advertising often uses beautiful people in [exotic] locations to lure people into buying a product.
06. Peter's new girlfriend is part black, part Polynesian, and part Irish, and she has an [exotic] beauty that turns heads wherever she goes.
07. The [exotically] beautiful jungle of the Amazon is becoming an increasingly popular eco-tourism destination.
08. He has always been attracted by the mystery and [exoticism] of the Far East.
09. The guys went to the bar to see the [exotic] dancers on Friday.
10. Years ago, [exotic] dancers didn't actually take off their clothes in front of men, but would undress behind a screen that showed a shadow of their movements.
11. The world of Rococo art has been described as a world of grace and fantasy, with a taste for the [exotic].
12. Recently, an [exotic] dancer in the U.S. was able to deduct the cost of her breast implants as a business expense.
13. Samuel Johnson once described Italian opera as an [exotic] and irrational entertainment.
14. We want to go to some [exotic] location for our holidays rather than somewhere where everything is the same as back home.
15. People living in the apartment building are not allowed to have [exotic] pets such as snakes or monkeys.
16. The restaurant specializes in [exotic] meat dishes, including buffalo, ostrich, iguana and snake.
17. He raises [exotic] tropical fish from around the world.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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